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Choose from our exclusive tours and holiday packages including dedicated Island-, Cultural- and Wildlife Tours as well as special interest programs like the Ramayana Trails, Geoffrey Bawa Architecture Sites, Special Golf Packages and, of course, romantic Honeymoons in Sri Lanka.

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Whether you are an independent traveler from India or looking for a family holiday in Sri Lanka, go-lanka.in is your full-service one-stop partner that gives you total access to all the fascinating destinations and activities Sri Lanka has to offer at unbeatable prices.

Ramayana Tours
Ramayana Tours

This special tours brings you to the roots of the ancient great Indian epic - The Ramayana -Sri Lanka's rich Ramayana heritage is the proud custodian of more than 50 Ramayana sites 

Honeymoon Packages
Sri Lanka Honeymoon Packages

Sri Lanka is certainly a top destination for Indian Honeymooners.
A  Honeymoon in Sri Lanka is a once in a lifetime experience you'll never forget.

Beach & Shopping
Beach & Shopping

The best of two worlds: enjoy some of the world's best beaches and shop till you drop at Colombo's fashionable Malls, Outlets and colourful local markets

Last Minute Specials
Lanka Last Minute Specials

Here we are offering our last minute Sri Lanka vacation packages and tours. Hurry! When the remaining slots are filled, the special offers will be removed

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Compared to the general services provided by the typical travel agencies in Sri Lanka, go-lanka.in goes further and deals with the entire range of travel services for Indian Tourists to Sri Lanka, including hotel reservations, tour and transportation services, conferences and events, multilingual guides, as well as specialised holidays criteria like the famous Ramayana Tour, Tea Trails, Wildlife Safaris, Adventure Holidays, Family Packages, MICE and much more... 

It is also worth mentioning that go-lanka.in operates its flights and ticketing centre in Pune - especially for Indian customers - providing competitive rates, professional, reliable and high quality services to the Indian travel market.